Frequently Asked Questions

Transferbags offers a handsfree baggage delivery service from Heathrow Airport to your hotel, office, residence or Rail Station (City Centre) Collection point and vice versa.

For your convenience you can drop off or collect your luggage from our conveniently located left luggage units at Airports & City Centre Rail Stations. All our drop-off and collect locations are open early until late for your convenience. Please see our Collect / Drop-Off Points page for full details

Travelling handsfree means you can transit into London effortlessly without the need to lug your luggage across London's often busy transport networks.

Transferbags offers a fully flexible service where we deliver your luggage directly to/from our conveniently located desks within Left Luggage facilities in Rail Stations and London Heathrow Airport

To / from

  • Your Hotel
  • Your Office
  • Your Residence

Transferbags enables you to travel stress free into London or to London Heathrow Airport un-encumbered by luggage.

We have discounted prices for delivery to and from our London Heathrow Airport and City Centre Rail Station locations. We also offer competitive pricing for delivery to / from the Airport to / from your Hotel, Office or Residence.

You can use Transferbags to deliver your bags to / from London Heathrow Airport and our Rail Station Collect / Drop-Off Points.

All our Collect Drop-Off Points are located within London Left Luggage facilties operated by Excess Baggage Company.

We can also deliver to / from London hotels, homes and offices within the M25. One point of your delivery has to be one of our Collect / Drop-Off Points - either the inbound our outbound.

Transferbags offers you ultimate flexibility and convenience allowing you to travel luggage free across London. All our Collect / Drop-Off points are open early until late.

We provide the following London Luggage transfer services

London Heathrow Airport to / from:
  • > Rail Station
  • > London Hotel
  • > London Office
  • > London Residence
London Rail Station to / from:
  • > London Heathrow Airport
  • > London Office
  • > London Hotel
  • > London Residence
London Hotel to / from:
  • > London Heathrow Airport
  • > London Rail Station
London Office to / from:
  • > London Heathrow Airport
  • > London Rail Station
London Residence to / from:
  • > London Heathrow Airport
  • > London Rail Station

Yes, Transferbags is a responsive web site fully optimised for use on your smartphone or tablet device. It's as easy to make a booking on your mobile as on a desktop computer

You can book a transfer online 24/7. You can drop-off you luggage at one of our Airport locations from 06.00 or from 07.30 at a Rail Station location.

Hotel, Office and Residence Collections can be booked for 06.30 onwards. We deliver up until 22:00 7 days a week.

Our Collect / Drop-off desks are located in every terminal at London Heathrow Airport and 8 London mainline Rail Stations.

We are open early until late for your convenience. Please check our Collect / Drop-Off Points for opening times at your preferred Collect / Drop-Off location.

You are welcome to drop you luggage off at these locations at any time for onward delivery that day.

Our customer service department is open Monday to Sunday 08:00 - 16:30.

Our intuitive and easy to use website allows you to book your luggage delivery in advance from wherever you are in the world. You can also book in-person at our Transferbags desks located within Excess Baggage Left Luggage facilities located within every terminal at Heathrow Airport & 8 mainline London Rail Stations.

Yes you can book online or at one of our desks on the day you need your bags transferred. To have you bag transferred the same day as you are booking you will need to complete your transaction before the cut-off time for that area of London which is typically between 3 - 4pm.

Please see our locations page for full details and maps on where to find our Transferbags desks. You can drop-off luggage at any Excess Baggage Left Luggage location at London Heathrow Airport as well as at any of our London mainline Rail Station locations. To find the most convenient Collect / Drop-Off point for you please visit our locations page.

If you are in an Airport or Rail Station all you need to do is follow the way finding signs for 'Left Luggage' - this is where you will find the Transferbags desk. When you make a booking we will include a photo of that location in your confirmation email so you know exactly where to head to.

Yes you can book as many bags as you want in a single journey. We are happy to deliver bags for tour groups, sports teams and school parties. When you book a return transfer at the same time as your outward transfer you receive a 10% discount on your overall booking.

Only one transfer (outward and return) can be booked at a time so if you need to book a transfer for example to a different destination on a different date you will need to make a new booking.

With Transferbags we can book as many items as you like and there is no restriction on any item of luggage or baggage that you can typically check-in or carry as cabin luggage when flying. If your item of luggage is under 30kg it can be delivered. If you are unsure whether any of your items will be suitable for transfer please get in touch with us on 020 8897 5308 for further assistance. Please note we provide a luggage transfer service only - no commercial items can be delivered via our service

Yes you can collect your bags the following day but please note storage fees will apply as per price listed on guarantees to have you luggage delivered to its required destination by your selected collection or drop-off time. The minimum time window for delivery is 6 hours and if we don't deliver within this time we will refund the full cost of your bags transfer.

All our vehicles are equipped with latest GPS route planning and traffic monitoring equipment to ensure your items are delivered to chosen destination on time. Please make sure when you are using service for delivery to the airport you choose to have your luggage delivered so you fit comfortably within your airlines check-in 'time window'.

We will send you a text message when your luggage has been delivered to its destination.

We are experts in delivering and storing baggage and have been doing so for 30 years via our parent company Excess Baggage (Airports) Company. All baggage we handle is security screened and x-rayed when dropped-off to one of our left luggage locations. Your baggage will then be held in our safe and secure manned storage facilities equipped with 24-hour day and night CCTV until it is ready to be collected by you or the delivery driver for onward delivery.

All our staff are subject to strict interview process and DBS background checks so you can rest assured your baggage is safe and secure with us at all times. All our vehicles are locked at all times when in service and are equipped with GPS tracking equipment so we know where they are at all times.

We can deliver to and collect from a residential address provided there is someone at the address to either hand the luggage to our delivery driver or receive it from him. Please ensure that someone is able to be present at the property for the hour collection / delivery time slot you have selected when making the booking.

We accept the following sports equipment: Skis / Snowboards, Gold Clubs and other sports equipment. If you are unsure whether you sports equipment can be transported please get in touch. Please ensure that any sports equipment is properly protected in travel bags for transit.

If you wish to have your luggage delivered the following day or later in the week simply select the appropriate date from the calendar within the booking process.

Please note if luggage is stored for delivery the next day storage will be charged per item as per prices listed

If booking a luggage transfer from one of our locations you can store your bags luggage and book an onward luggage delivery for a date of your choice when your storage period has expired. Just let the Excess Baggage Left Luggage staff know what you'd like to do and they will be happy to arrange.
Please note a storage and separate delivery fees will be charged for this service.

Yes can collect your bags the following day but please note storage fees will apply as per price listed on

Our pricing structure is simple and easy to use and is based on the destination (and distance travelled).

Please check our Luggage Transfer Prices page for our luggage delivery prices.

All you need to do is enter the code into the field in the payment section. Your discount will be automatically deducted from the final value.


If you book your bags transfer online you can pay using any major debit or credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

At one of our desks

If you are booking direct from one of our desks you can pay with your debit / credit card or cash if you prefer.

You must pay for your Transferbags journey in advance of collection.

Please let us know if you believe your flight will be delayed or cancelled and we will re-arrange your collection time for you. You can get in touch with us via phone 020 8897 5308 or email us at

Booking amendments and/or cancelations can be made up until 45 minutes before the scheduled collection time. Provided our vehicle hasn't begun its journey to collect your bags you can cancel free of charge. For full details please see our Terms & Conditions here.

In the unlikely event that your luggage or an item within it gets lost or damaged please contact our support team immediately to report the missing or damaged item. When you send your belongings with you are automatically covered to the value of £500 per booking. We will send you a claim form and upon completion and acceptance of this you will be reimbursed to the value of the damaged or missing item. For further details please see our Terms & Conditions on how to go about making a claim and in what circumstances you will be able to make a claim.

This is very unlikely to happen but if it does we will arrange for your item to be delivered to you wherever you are in the world. If you are travelling outside of the EU we will be in touch to find out where you need you luggage delivered to and also collect some details we'll need such as contents details. We have expertise in shipping baggage worldwide so you can rest assured if for whatever reason your luggage doesn't arrive in time we will make sure you are reunited with it at the earliest opportunity.

We understand that your travel plans can change at the last moment and provided you can let us know that you need your booking amended or changed at least 45 minutes in advance of collection/drop-off time we will be able to change your booking free of charge.

You can also add additional bags or change your delivery destination provided one of our delivery trucks has not begun to make the journey to collect your items.

If you can't find an answer via our extensive FAQs section, you can get in touch with us by phone on 020 8897 5308 or via email at

You can get in touch with us by phone on 020 8897 5308 or via email at

We will do our utmost to get in touch with you immediately but please be aware there may be a delay in response if you contact us outside of our opening hours.

Your personal information is 100% secure at all time with Transferbags. At no time will we share your personal information with any third party. If you wish to read more about privacy on the Transferbags site, please visit our Privacy Policy here.

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