Important Message

Due to the travel restrictions now in place across London, together with our duty of care to the Transferbags Team and wider community, Transferbags has temporarily suspended luggage delivery services until further notice.

Our luggage delivery service will be unavailable until further notice.

We will monitor the situation closely and hope to return to a full service as soon as possible.

Stay safe, See you soon!

Same Day, Luggage Transfer

So you can make the most of your time

Deliver to / from London Heathrow Airport

Collect / Drop-Off in all Terminals

& London Rail Stations

Collect / Drop-Off from 8 City Centre Rail Stations

We also Deliver to / from Hotel or Office

Don't let your luggage dictate your travel plans or itinerary

Travel Light, Travel Intelligent

Your luggage delivered by use where you need it

Travel luggage light and savour the time gained.

We transfer to/from Airport to Hotel, Office, Residence or convenient City Centre collection point (open early until late).

Your luggage is transferred the same day to where you need it, saving you hours.

Pre-Book your London Luggage Transfer in advance Online or In-Store.

Available to arriving and departing travellers.