Our In-Store Services

Conveniently located on airport concourses, you will find our Excess Baggage Company bag weigh machines - installed for your convenience to save you time and money with your overweight luggage.

If when you check in your bags are over the weight limit for your flight, you will have to pay additional charges. Our clever bag weigh machines are located on airport concourses so they can be used before you check in. They will not only tell you whether your bags are overweight for the airline you are travelling with, but they will also tell you what your airline would charge you because of this. This useful little machine doesn't stop there. It will also show you how this additional cost compares with other carriers that we at Excess Baggage Company can arrange for you.

It's quick and simple and could save you time, stress and money as, more often than not, if you discover that you are overweight, our excess baggage shipping service or one of our courier partners will almost always offer a more cost-effective solution than your airline.

To find out more about our Bag Weigh service, pop into any one of our 23 airport and rail station locations or take a look at www.bagweigh.com or call us on +44 (0)20 3468 8549.